Thursday, March 17, 2011

Accidental Find

Heya spunks, not much happening today, but l did stumble across a funny
Beyond Extremities Drafts
photo whilst  cleaning up my laptop tonight. It's kinda random actually, because l never take photos of my work whilst l'm in the middles of creating etc... & now that l have it in front of me, wow, the memories that have come flooding back...

I was trying to create a very special illustration for a touching story that my husband had written for me, which l had then rewritten for Soul Stories (yes, l guess l did steal his story idea, but with his absolute permission of course). Anyways, l had a great visual in my head of what l wanted to draw, except l just couldn't get it out of my head and onto my paper!? I struggled with this piece for quite some time, which was not so usual for me, as usually when l sit down to illustrate a story, it evolves within no more than 2 practice sketches - maybe l had added 'unconscious pressure' to squiggle, wanting it to be extra special for my beloved?! Lol, who knows...

As you can see from my photo, there was definitely more than 5 frustrated practice attempts... I'm pretty sure l left it for a day or 2, came back to it - & 'bam' l had exactly what l wanted a few hours later. Why is that?  We never really know do we, other than some day the creative magic just ooze's out of every pore of our body & others you couldn't squeeze it out of our souls no matter how hard you tried... Just had to let the idea brew within my body first?

Ok, enough blah blah, you can see my happy ending down below - & you know what, l think lm going to take a few more 'in the middle of a big mess' pictures from now on! Sneaky peaks like that are much more colourful & fun - CRAP everywhere, just to get the yummy Soul Storie at the end of it all...

Lets see just how crazy l can get, until then rock on & take care... lov tx

Beyond Extremities

       He had never
       been aware
       of his heart 
       pulsating before,
       but now,
       because of beautiful
       & unexplainable reasons,
       it had grown so big
       - & he had no choice
       but to feel it beating
       beyond his extremities...  
       ©   November 13 .09 
       'Beyond Extremities'

Beyond Extremities Print

And here we have the end result, a funky Soul Stories gift for my very special boy, who so kindly inspired me with the story in the first place... xx


  1. Beautiful! Loving the accidental find! xxx

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  3. Jelee said...

    I meet Emma Magenta a couple of weeks ago. I booked her as a guest on the show I produce 'Out of the Box' at FBi 94.5 radio. Cool blog Big Cheese. Love your Lill Chalky x!