Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Creative Overflow

   Hey spunks - kinda been juggling one too many things since the last post, but don't we all? Always biting off more than we can chew? 
Anyways, being a little greedy this time has been a very positive thing - it's taken me a while to find my feet since returning to Paris (from my 1 month holiday in Australia) but now l'm discovering a few reasons as too 'why' fumbling through each day has been absolutely worth it.
I suddenly feel like l have a million different creative ideas, inspiration and all sorts that doesnt necessarily make much sense - but i do know that it needs to get out of my body... ASAP!
'Kiss' ~ Ruth Bloch
& once again l have my mum to thank for my next plan of action regarding growth & Soul Stories. She has encouraged me to experiment with bringing my Soul Stories characters/souls to '3d' life somehow ~ which at first i thought why? & then how? & then why again? & then it hit me!
I've always been fascinated with sculptures, especially bronze, & even dabbled & excelled in pottery classes, aged 13ish.
Since then lve been lucky enough to travel around the world and collect a few pieces by some of my favourite sculptors/artist,
Ruth Blochwww.ruth-bloch.co.il/ Brett Allen: www.thewrensrestminyonfalls.com.au/brett-harrison-allen.
& just like stepping back and seeing a bunch of tiny dots connect right in front of my eyes ~ it just so happens that l walk past a pottery/sculpting studio every day, only a few blocks from my apt. & exactly the kind of classes that l was going to look for :-)
So, guess who has already signed up & attending her 5th class tomorrow!? Not mention LOVING every second of it!!! Of course l'm not expecting to become the next world famous ??? from these classes, but what i do know is that it feels absolutely right doing them and just learning everything i possibly can...

Day 1: Learning a few basic techniques, but still couldn't help myself attempting to create one of my Soul Stories 'souls'. 

Below: Ahhhh, very scared cutting the poor little thing in half and scooping the insides out so it won't blown up in the kiln.


Very happy with the final shape by the end of  day ~ my little ego was quite happy with that :-) hahah, so much to learn but all in good time...

 Different polishing techniques, using copper, glass, silver and gem stones!? If you don't have much patience, this part will definitely teach you... 

So, just as l was finishing up (along with all of the fun french/english language barrier...) i couldn't understand why my teacher wouldn't let me paint before getting ready to place it in the kiln - i was getting soooooo excited to 'finally' get the chance to play with all sorts of yummy colours (like all of my other lucky colleagues) but then l understood, NO CAN DO :-( 
After you finalize your shape, and let it harden, THEN you should paint, followed by polish, then fire - but of course i didn't know to ask before polishing, as l was just learning... 
Not to worry, this was just my little experimental technique piece anyways & i guess i should be hopeful that l have done everything right just to survive the intense heat inside the kiln & not end up into a million clay shards instead - ahhhhh fingers crossed, i will find out tomorrow...

So this is just one of the outlets l've discovered for my creative overflow - there a few more to talk about down the track - & can't wait to share it all with ya's :-) 
Thanks so much to take some time out to have a little read about 'where lm at' these days  ~ & hope you have gained something from it?
Even if it's just a warm fuzzy smile on your face, 
yayyy, my job is done :-) xx t

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