Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Not So Messy - But In The Middle

Desk Mess 1
Desk Mess 2

Heya everyone out there - so here we go, as promised, my messy desk in the middle of it all, although lm quite impressed how 'not' messy it is!?  Trust me, it's usually MUCH bigger than this, but l recently bought 2 mega 'spec.' cardboard boxes to stash all of my pastels in. WOW, makes all the difference, let me tell you...

Anyways, tonight l was working mega hard to finish off 2 prints,  along with framing one as surprise pres. for my lovely husband (this will be gift print #3 for him) as he recently mentioned that he was sad :-P that he never received a personalized Soul Stories in 2010... 
Bless, if he plans on receiving a new one every year of us being together, then l think our apartment will eventually run outta space?! Oh well, will worry about that later on - lol...

Warm Fuzzies: notice the copy of Strange Dreams by Brian Andreas poking out from below the printer - mmm, one of my most FAV artist in the whole wide world. And if you zoom into the 2nd shelf near the curtain, theres a cheeky copy of a Gorgeous Sense of Hope by Emma Magenta, a fellow ozzie who is just as talented  -  & has wildly turned her artistry into a telly series you can catch on the ABC in Australia. I hope its ok that l pinched this link to a very cool blog which explains everything about her and so much more!!  

Oh & l cant forget my major inspiration - a photograph of my hubby & l with my dear friend & ballet teacher from my little hometown in Oz (Sue Legg). She came to visit last year & we all had such a blast - yumo memories l will never forget, so need them close to my desk... That reminds me of quote - or is it one of my Soul Stories!? Lol, something about surrounding yourself with wonderful  & precious things that make you happy so you never have a reason for being sad - hmm, will have to have a bit of a dig around for that piece!?

Ok so back to my night - had a ball as ALWAYS, & was even more touched when my lovely boy came home, unwrapped my pressie & covered me in kisses... I think he really liked it?!  :-)
Cheeky Monkey Rigsby
Haha, thought l would include a lazy pic of my kitty Rigsby - clearly helping me out big time. Actually, the little monkey jumped
on my print whilst l was cutting out some backing paper for the print/frame. Ahhhh, & the way l scribble my pastels to paper is quite thick... sooo, of course he smudged it everywhere & l had to spend the next  35 minutes correcting it, grrrrrr...
So cheers Rigsby, for your unnecessary help!?

Enough rambling - l will let you look at the finished pieces - & as always, l can't thank you all enough for your time to read my little adventures. Hope to catch y'all soon, with lots more to come, mwahhh xo tams

P.s Im sure you will recognise the 'Sleep Theroy' Soul Stories from an earlier  post!? So now you heve the illustration to go with it - mmmm, l really love this story, tickles me...
Sleep Theroy

My heart heaved
with adoration
when l figured out
why you & l
always fell asleep
the way we did...
Just as se otters sleep
hand in hand
so they don't drift
apart from each other,
l knew that their
natural survival
was everything
to being our
own aswell... 
             © February 18 .11
'Sleep Theory'

Love Songs
   Someone once told me
   that all of the love songs
   had already been written,
   but l assured them
   that they hadn't
   - because they had never
   been in love 
   with you before...  
                  © March 6 .11
   'Love Songs'

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