Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sleep Theory

Heya Spunks - well l must say, l was definitely blown away by this factual photo when l accidentally stumbled across it o the net - but l never expected the response to be so aware & just as touched as l was when l posted this as my Facebook status update:
Sleep Theory
'Ahh adorable - did u know that Sea Otters hold hands whilst sleeping so they don’t drift away from each other... xx'

Anyways, Facebook friends & different people's comments were far too big to ignore. I could feel a Soul Storie itching to escape my bones - so this is what happened...

My heart heaved with adoration 

when l figured out why you & l 

always fell asleep clasping 

the way we did... 

Just as sea otters sleep hand in hand

so they don't drift apart from each other,

l knew their natural survival 

was everything to being ours as well...   
                                    February 18 .11

'Sleep Theory'

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