Monday, February 7, 2011

No Clue Whatsoeva...

Heya Spunky chickens - having a little trouble sleeping this morning, so l'm attempting to set up a little world into Soul Stories whilst my web is being developed - and wow, this is hard stuff to understand who is web design illiterate!?
Will just play with a few silly tests for now until l get my head around this blog site - eek!?
In the mean time, here is a little Soul Storie just 4 fun...
Back Tomorrow

He seemed a little

sad, & particularly 
quiet within his 
head space today
- which was always 
ok, but l couldn
help but pry 
& ask why?

His solemn glaze 
slipped through his mouth, 
I just dont like today!
- but don’t worry
lll be back tomorrow...   
©   February 4 .07            'Back Tomorrow'

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