Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Still Kickin'

Heya guys, so its going to be another short n' sweet post - but at least l get some web/bloggin' practice in, right?
Fortunately and not so fortunately, lm still a dancer these days, and l do actually have to work every now and then to put some food n the table, lol.
So with a all day rehearsal, there wasn't much 'play' time with soul stories. Boohoo, although, l always have time to try and reach someone's insides out there? So take care, sleep well and dream big... later spunky chickens, xt
Not Even
P.s Hey, a quick little seaky peak back and thought l would upload the very
rough squibble lve just finished mucking around with - yay, l've got a feeling
this one is going to be fun fun fun
when l get some colour going and tighten it up...
Ok, lm really going this time - ciao xx

I once imagined

wanting more pieces

than you had to offer...

& now l understand,

nothing ever works

like that - not

even love... 
© February 9 .11

'Not Even'

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