Friday, March 11, 2011

©Copyright really?

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Heya spunky chickens - surprise surprise, just when l think l get my head around one thing, 4 others drop in my lap to try & figure out... Not to worry, l wouldn't want it any other way.
Today l have been playing with a basic watermark logo, just until my graphic designer buddy to help me out. I've never really thought about anyone wanting to steal or copy my work, but after several people questioning me about copyright protection last week and my good friends blog pace being copy & pasted to another site - well, l thought l better delve a little deeper and protect my Soul Stories just a little bit harder...
Yes they are not mine in one way, because l want to give them out to the world to read, remember and relate too - but, they are mine to give, that's all - that's all l ask of... Sooo, lets go & get creating some more!  Take it easy & rock on guys n' gals xo t

p.s Good mates blog belongs to Amy Landry. So go check it out sometime - as it must be good stuff if someone is copying & pasting it out there!?

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