Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hello Carbon Zero

Heya Soul Stories peeps - now that we are all up to date from my last entry, how are we all these days?
I seriously can't believe Easter is, um, seriously around the corner!! 
Where on earth did that come from? Clearly time is flying so l definitely need to get a crack on a few things...  

I won't reveal toooo much just yet - but lm wanting to develop a very special recycle/bio degradable 'tote' bag, which will represent Soul Stories in every possible way...
I have been searching for the perfect material that doesn't cost an arm and leg for Soul Stories (therefore ending up being ridiculously expensive for you guys) and to my luck, l have finally stumbled upon an amazing Australian company called 'Carbon Zero'.  Well mum did actually, she's onboard this project since she's the seamstress pro :-) - so thanks mum! Anyways, back to Carbon Zero...

About 'Carbon Zero' Bags

Carbon Zero Bags is a division of Hot Chilli Source Pty Limitedan Australian family owned global procurement company that is extremely passionate about bringing environmentally responsible products to market.

Carbon Zero Calico Bags
Carbon Zero Bags production facility utilizes the latest technical advances in line production technology but also maintains a strong reliance on our workforce which numbers 200+ staff of hand workers who will combine their experience and skills to supply exactly anyones desired product. They believe that in order to produce quality eco friendly 100%bio degradable bags, the partnership between man and machine allows them to produce the best Carbon Zero Bags in the market with the smallest carbon footprint.

Their calico bags are 100% bio degradable and Carbon Zero, they promise that they are the perfect cost effective solution for any practical or promotional requirement while reducing the carbon footprint they leave.

Sounds very cool huh??? The only snag lve come across so far, is that the min order is 500 bags!! Ouch, hmmm, thats kinda 'a lot' for little Soul Stories, which at this stage is a non profit organisation... Not to worry, lm still going to be checking out samples and working with my graphic designer buddy Gin to come up with a very cool SS design & slogans :-) and will worry about that later on...

The Third
So lets move!!! 
- I would like to leave you with some very beautiful words that really touched a very deep place inside, l guess the place we call hope?! 

Anyways, stay gorg spunks and will be back later on to tell you's about another creative process that has just started for me (regarding Soul Stories of course) . It's so weird, l feel so much creative energy just bursting to get out these days, so lm listing to what the energy wants to say :-) Which is the only way...
xxxx mwahh, lov t

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