Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Exciting Times

Heya Spunky chickens - kinda busy at the moment, dipping my fingers in logo design, book editing, new creations, illustrations, research - ahhhhh, its all so much!? I think l need another me!?
Anyways, lm a little bit excited to say that l've just landed a 2 month dancing contract in Martinique - & boy am l going to use it to my advantage. Will definitely be packing the laptop, sketch book, colouring pastels and the yoga mat... No excuses lm going to do some Soul Stories homework every day, and soooooo cant wait to get stuck into it!
Right now lm playing with a few graphic designers to get my logo together - so watch this space...

What it means 

to be wanted by you,

is a wonderful truth 

that only l need to understand 

by myself...      ©     February 21 .11

'By You'

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  1. CONGRATS gorgeous.. wonderful news... looking forward to your updates xoxox