Thursday, March 3, 2011

Latest Piece...

Not Even

I once imagined
wanting more pieces
than you had to offer...

& now l understand,
nothing ever works
like that - not
even love...    
         ©  February 11 .07

                  'Not Even'

Hey y'all, just a speed demon hello & a sneaky peak at my latest soul stories illustration... It was a little fiddly in some places, but an absolute pleasure in the end. I took a scary gamble working with 2 colours l've never experimented with before &luck for me, it all flowed together wonderfully - better than l could have imagined. (& thats pretty big :-)

Next l really would like to explore with smudging my colours outside of the box!  Ahh, but l have yet to build up courage to do so, in fear of screwing up a cool illustration  - but we all know ,if you don't try, well, you never know... Successful or not, will keep you all posted, cheers... t xo

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