Monday, June 13, 2011

Excited By Sketch...

Fade Away Draft
Heya guys n' dolls - just a quickie to let you know l was really chuffed with my latest Soul Stories sketch...
It kind of happened by accident as so many creative moments do when caught up in the creation. But as for the final illustration, hmm... l thought it was going to turn a little differently? l mean l like it, but l think l could have gone a different way - what do you think?

Had a very early morning workout, beach swim and now it's time to get stuck into sorting out this 'book' of mine. I have soooo many Soul Stories to sift through, and pick out, edit, some to illustrate, & some not...
So come on girl, let's get going now! Sunny, salty sea kisses, t xo

Fade Away

When the day ends,
l hope l'm by your side
to watch it fade away...   
© January 8 .06

'Fade Away'

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