Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Heaven, New Home... :-)

Heya Spunks - well l can definitely say, l settled in Martinique quite nicely within seconds... 
Yoga View
I feel at complete ease - creative energy flowing out of every pore of my body n' soul...
Whilst l'm here, l really want to focus on illustrationing, rather than writing  - although l will definitely write when the feeling naturally bubbles up out of me!

I've posted a few new drawings (but old stories) for you to see & would love to know what you think? Sorry for the quality of the photo/drawings - they are not so bad, just not as good as a scan...
But you get the gist...  :-)

So sit back, relax & enjoy - & l'm off to do some yummy yoga overlooking the crystal clear sea, as the sun sizzles down on the horizan...

Ahhh, l'm a very lucky gal right now & promise to make every second count. Take care & will be back soon, mwahh xx t

Sad Sighs

The day you went away,

l never heard my heart

scream again 
now it only sighs instead...  
©   January 7 .06

'Sad Sighs'

Missing Piece

I wanted to be
the missing piece for him
that l could never be 
for you...
© March 13 .11

'Missing Piece' 
(Feminine Version)

Sad Clouds

Whenever the skies cried
all afternoon
she always thought
that maybe a few clouds 

were feeling sorry for

two separated souls 

that longed to be together 

- while the rest of the world

kept them apart... © February 3 .05

'Sad Clouds'

Peaceful Memory

It took a long time
beyond time...
But l finally found
a peaceful memory
of you... © October 27 .10

'Peaceful Memory'

Cutting Connections

Staring out the window
with a large pair of scissors
in her hand,
wondering which connection
to cut... © January 2 .05

'Cutting Connections'

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